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Light in the City in Tartu - programme

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  • The Kissing Students, Tartu Town Hall Square

  • Welcome reception
    (photo from the Light in the City event in Hasselt, Oct 2013)

  • Educational workshops
    (photo from the Light in the City event in Hasselt, Oct 2013)

  • Guerrilla Lighting event
    (photo by K. VandeSande from the Light in the City event in Hasselt, Oct 2013)

    Download the programme here!

    Seminar moderator: Martin Kikas Energy Expert, Tartu Regional Energy Agency

    Wednesday 7th May

    Venue: Tartu City Museum (Narva mnt 23, Tartu 51009)

    19.45 Doors will open

    20.00 Welcome reception of Mayor followed by a guided night walk

    23.00 Night walk ends at the Town Hall Square

    Thursday 8th May

    Venue: Science Centre AHHAA (Sadama 1, Tartu 51004)

    9.15 Registration & coffee / Science Centre AHHAA auditorium lobby (2nd floor)

    10.00 Opening words

    10.10 The Project of 7 Cities
    Aive Haavel, Project Coordinator, Environmental Investment Centre of Estonia

    10.30 Urban Lighting in Tartu
    Jaanus Tamm, Project Manager, Tartu City Government

    10.50 Sustainability of LED Lighting
    Tiiu Tamm Lighting Engineer, Inseneribüroo OÜ

    11.15 Pollution from lightning
    Mario Mars Engineer, Tallinn Technical University

    Break 11.30

    11.45 Lighting Master Plan as a Tool in Urban Design
    Roope Siiroinen VALOA Design

    12.25 Sustainable Management Systems in Urban Lighting
    Neeme Takis Uniflex Systems OÜ

    12.45 Lunch

    14:00 Pro-Environment Urban Lighting Project Case
    Annukka Larsen Lighting Designer, PLDA, City of Jyväskylä

    15.00 Educational workshops
    The content of each workshop is connected to pro-environment outdoor lighting implementations and design principles. Workshops are carried out in a playful but also educational manner. The session contains a coffee break.

    17:00 Äijälänranta Housing Area Project Case
    Annukka Larsen, Lighting Designer, PLDA, City of Jyväskylä

    17.45 Conclusions

    18:00 Close of conference

    19.30 Dinner
    Dorpat Hotel (Soola 6, 51013 Tartu)

    22.00 Guerrilla Lighting event. The phenomenon known as “Guerrilla Lighting” will transform the streets of Tartu for a fleeting moment. The Guerrilla Lighting march starts from University Library (Tartu Ülikooli Raamatukogu, Wilhelm Struve 1) at 22:00.

    23.30 Guerrilla gathering for the volunteers and the seminar guests at Atlantis (Narva maantee 2, Tartu 51009).

    Friday 9th May

    Venue: Science Centre AHHAA (Sadama 1, Tartu 51004)

    9.30 Registration & coffee / Science Centre AHHAA auditorium lobby (2nd floor)

    10.00 Nordic Light portfolio viewing
    Take the opportunity to learn more about lighting design and come meet international lighting artists selected by an expert jury. The day will feature presentations from 21 highly skilled lighting artists and lively discussion about light and art. Curators, collectors, consultants, event organizers as well as representatives of relevant museums, institutions and committees are invited to attend the sessions for free! To learn more, please contact Eures Adviser Wanna Spiridonidou at wanna.spiridonidou[at]

    Portfolio viewing

    Pia Hedström

    Aleksandra Stratimirovic

    Joanna Thede

    Janne Björkman

    Dascha Esselius

    11.20 Break

    Hanne Lise Thomsen

    Johanna Thorkelsdottir

    Johanna Vihalem

    Kari Kola

    Peter Svedberg

    Mats Olofgörs

    Meeli Koiva

    11.30 Portfolio viewing continues

    Monika Gora

    Ainu Palmu

    Tarja Ervasti

    Thomas Nordström

    Ulla Ridderberg

    William Dennisuk

    Anders Örnberg

    12.40 Lunch

    13.30 Portfolio viewing continues

    14.45 Decorative lightning as a tool for creation of better living environment
    Priit Tiimus Tipriit Valgusdisain OÜ

    15.00 Panel discussion - The Meaning of Light

    15.45 Drinks & mingle
    The day will conclude with a drinks reception, where audiences and artists can meet and mingle.

    17.00 Close of conference


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