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Light in the City in Tartu - Guerrilla Lighting

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Guerrilla Lighting event on Thursday 8th May

The phenomenon known as “Guerrilla Lighting” will transform the streets of Tartu, Estonia for a fleeting moment. The Guerrilla Lighting march starts from University Library (Tartu Ülikooli Raamatukogu, Wilhelm Struve 1) on Thursday 8th May at 22:00.

What is the aim of Guerrilla Lighting?

The idea, first realized in Manchester in 2006 by English lighting designer Martin Lupton, is intended to provoke a discussion about lighting design by providing a concrete example of what lighting can achieve. The objective of the event is to enjoy the light and raise a discussion on city lighting. Nowadays it is possible to reach a comfortable and secure city environment and the implementation can be at the same time impressive and energy-efficient. Guerrilla team also promotes architectural lighting design as a profession and an important field of urban planning.

During the event, a group of people “occupy” the city's streets with powerful, hand-held lights according to a carefully conceived plan. Participants in the occupation are instructed on their role in the performance, and on the night, they proceed with hand-held lights and color filters to illuminate one site at a time, and only for a moment. Tartu gets illuminated with the help of 50 volunteers.

Get ready for Guerrilla Lighting march!

Lighting designer Annukka Larsen from City of Jyväskylä, Finland has selected four targets for illumination. In each case, a horn is sounded and the site briefly illuminated. During that time, the spectacle is photographed and documented, and the pictures provided to the media right afterwards.

Guerrilla Lighting Event is organized by the City of Jyväskylä and the City of Tartu. It is a part of the international Light in the City conference and project funded by the Europe for Citizens programme. The project is led by the City of Jyväskylä with partners including the Swedish city of Eskilstuna, Hasselt in Belgium and the City of Tartu in Estonia.

The organizers offer a warm welcome to anyone wishing to join the march!

View photos from the first Guerrilla Lighting event organized as part of the Light in the City project in Hasselt Belgium on Fri 18th Oct 2013.

Annukka Larsen, City of Jyväskylä, annukka.larsen[at], tel. +358 40 740 4717
Elo Kiivet, Architect, Tartu City Government, elo.kiivet[at], +372 736 1219


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